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Ginetta G50 Owners Manual
Ginetta G50 Owners Manual
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Ginetta G55 GT4 User Manual
Ginetta G55 GT4 User Manual
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History of Ginetta

The Ginetta company produces sports cars that are copies of the styling solutions of classic Lola and Lotus cars.

In the eighties, Ginetta returned to the automotive market with the updated G4 model, now called the G27. Sports saloon models G26 to G31 used a 4-cylinder V6 engine. This was extremely successful and prompted the construction of a new automobile plant. The V8 engine car was successfully launched.

  In 1958, the Walklett brothers founded the automobile company Ginetta Cars Ltd. The creation of this business was closely related to their passion for car racing. In those years, there was fierce competition between sports car manufacturers. Particular hostility was observed between the companies Marcos, TVR and Lotus. Ginetta was full of desire not only to survive, but also to win this fight. A characteristic feature of early Ginetta models was the use of a Ford chassis. The very first Ginetta G1 Hornet model failed during testing - an accident occurred, as a result of which the car was severely damaged.

Ginetta cars became world famous in 1961, when the G2 and G3 models were highly appreciated at one of the auto shows. These models were created for lovers of a sporty driving style. The G4 model was presented at the same year at the auto show as a line of racing cars. The G4 model was created directly for racers and was distinguished by its efficiency. The new Ford engine provided the performance it needed, allowing it to win races against exotic cars such as the Jaguar 3.8. The success of G4 was ensured by other ambitious plans.


As the years passed, the company began producing fewer and fewer cars until Lawrence Tomlinson bought the company in 2005. An experienced racer and successful businessman has set himself the goal of continuing the production started by the founders of the company, but with a greater emphasis on sports cars. In mid-2007, Ginetta moved to a state-of-the-art factory near Leeds with the aim of producing and selling 200 cars a year.

In 2008, Ginetta celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. In honor of this anniversary, the Ginetta G50 was released. Professional engineer Tomlinson himself created the basic specification for the Ginetta G50. It was developed and manufactured in conjunction with other Ginetta vehicles.

In 2010, the Ginetta G40 was created specifically for racers aged 14 to 17 years. Its distinguishing feature is its lightweight rear-wheel drive and is powered by an organic engine.

In March 2010, Ginetta was acquired by Somerset sports car manufacturer Farbio, which produced cars under the Ginetta F400 brand. In March 2011, the production of the Ginetta G55 model began, and in October of the same year - the Ginetta G60, which had two doors, a central location of the 3.7-liter V6 sports engine from Ford.

These days, the Ginetta company produces not only fully assembled cars, but also kits for assembling sports cars yourself, the so-called “kit cars”.

To date, Ginetta has developed a number of high-end racing cars, making them a formidable player in the world motorsport scene.