Lola Car Workshop Manual

Lola AT60 Brochure
Lola AT60 Brochure
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Lola T70 Mk III Body Assembly Manual
Lola T70 Mk III Body Assembly Manual
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History of Lola

 The history of Lola Cars is a captivating journey through the world of motorsport and automotive engineering. Founded by Eric Broadley in 1958, Lola quickly became synonymous with innovation, performance, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.


From its inception, Lola was dedicated to producing racing cars that pushed the boundaries of technology and performance. The company's early years were marked by collaborations with various racing teams and manufacturers, producing successful designs for Formula Junior, Formula 3, and sports car racing.

In the 1960s, Lola gained international recognition with its Formula 1 cars and sports prototypes. The Lola T70 sports car, in particular, became an iconic model, achieving numerous victories in endurance racing and becoming a symbol of Lola's prowess.


During the 1970s and 1980s, Lola continued to excel in various motorsport categories, including Formula 5000, Formula 2, and IndyCar. The Lola T330 and T332 Formula 5000 cars were dominant in their era, and Lola's reputation for producing competitive racing machinery solidified.

In the 1990s, Lola made a return to Formula 1 with the MasterCard Lola team, although their F1 venture was short-lived. Nevertheless, Lola remained a force to be reckoned with in other motorsport disciplines, particularly in IndyCar racing, where Lola chassis were successful.


The 2000s brought further diversification as Lola expanded into engineering and manufacturing services for various racing series and automakers. Lola continued to produce successful customer racing cars and even supplied chassis to Formula 1 teams, further cementing its legacy in motorsport.

However, despite its storied history and engineering excellence, Lola faced financial challenges and ownership changes in the 2010s. The company entered administration and eventually ceased operations as a car manufacturer.

Lola's legacy endures through its historic racing cars, which continue to be cherished by collectors and vintage racing enthusiasts. The company's contributions to motorsport, from Formula 1 to endurance racing, have left an indelible mark on the racing world, and Lola remains a celebrated name among motorsport aficionados.